5 Worst Foods to Eat Late at Night

5 food items that make horrible Night-time snacks & you must stop eating them before bed!

Having an early dinner and staying up late is the perfect recipe to arouse unwanted pangs of hunger. Now most people think that eating late at night is the cause of weight gain, that’s not entirely too.

Eating at night doesn’t cause weight gain, but exceeding your allocated calorie count for the day certainly does. So, the trick to enjoy eating a tasty bedtime snack and avoid gaining weight is to avoid certain foods that make horrible night-time meals.

Here are the 5 foods that you must avoid eating before bed. #foodstoavoid #worstfoods

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Here are the foods that you must avoid eating before bed:

1. Thai & Mexican Food

We all crave the spicy flavours of Thai and Mexican delicacies, and no matter how easy it is to call and make the order, you need to rethink your diet strategy before you take your digestive system on this spicy ride.

Spicy foods are strongly linked with sleep deprivation, and all ethnic recipes are rich with fats and carbs, hence you’ll end up consuming a great deal of calories. Such spicy and calorie rich foods also cause heartburns.

Mexican or Thai Food

But if you have a really strong craving for a crispy enchilada or something spicy, why not fix yourself a little quesadilla with corn tortillas, cooking spray and low-fat cheese. If you want something more filling, why not treat yourself to a frozen burrito?

2. Cereals

There are certain people who love enjoying cereals at night. Well, even though most people say it’s an unhealthy choice, you need to pick out the right cereal for your night-time treat.

If you pick out a cereal that’s low in fiber and rich in sugars, it’s going to disrupt the blood sugar levels of your body. And it won’t even fill you up, in the morning you’ll wake up starving for another meal because of the over-production of insulin caused by too much sugar.

You should create a healthy and filling snack rich in proteins, for instance, a whole grain cereal rich with lots of fiber, and use low fat Greek yogurt as a topping.

Gluten Free Cereals and Grains

3. Chocolate

We all having this horrible sweet tooth that keeps us awake at night, but chocolate is indeed the worst choice for a bedtime snack.

You see, chocolate is rich in sugar and calories, and it also contains loads of caffeine, so it can deprive you of the sleep your body desperately needs. Besides, chocolate isn’t filling at all, instead it can trigger more pangs of hunger.

Give your sweet tooth something healthier, like a hot cup of tea, or a glass of low-fat milk with chocolate. You can even treat yourself to a graham cracker with chocolate hazel nut spread or peanut butter, accompanied by half a glass of milk.

Good Night Chocolate

4. French Fries & Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburgers and French fries sure trigger all right chords of hunger, but these heavy fast foods items are extremely greasy, and naturally, brimming with fats and calories. They weight on your stomach and take ages to get digested. You wake up fatigued and tired because they tend to make you sluggish.

You must ditch fast food munching at midnight, and avoid all greasy foods rich in fats, for instance, cheeseburgers, fries, pizzas, Chinese and other fast food items. Instead, why don’t you toss around a couple veggies, a slice of turkey and fix yourself a sandwich with whole-grain bread for a filling yet light midnight snack.

Calories in a Cheeseburger

5. Sugary Sodas

According to dietary research, sugar sodas are the greatest source of added sugar and meaningless calories in the American diet.

If you’re drinking a soda at night, you’re making the worse choice possible. Its excessive sugar quantity will keep you up all night, even the supposedly sugar-free diet ones.

What’s worse is that these sugar sodas allow carbonation, which upsets the stomach and causes heartburns. So instead of sodas, delight yourself with low-fat milk, a hot cup of tea or just plain water before you hit the pillow.

Drinking Sugary Drinks

Remember, eating at night is not culprit, eating the wrong kinds of foods is what gets you into trouble. Pick out healthier foods for your night-time snacks, foods that don’t disrupt your allocated calorie count, are rich in fiber and very filling.

Avoid greasy and fat filled fast food items, they’ll make you feel bloated and take very long to digest.

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