5 Worst Foods to Eat Late at Night

5 food items that make horrible Night-time snacks & you must stop eating them before bed!

Having an early dinner and staying up late is the perfect recipe to arouse unwanted pangs of hunger. Now most people think that eating late at night is the cause of weight gain, that’s not entirely too.

Eating at night doesn’t cause weight gain, but exceeding your allocated calorie count for the day certainly does. So, the trick to enjoy eating a tasty bedtime snack and avoid gaining weight is to avoid certain foods that make horrible night-time meals.

Here are the 5 foods that you must avoid eating before bed. #foodstoavoid #worstfoods

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Here are the foods that you must avoid eating before bed:

1. Thai & Mexican Food

We all crave the spicy flavours of Thai and Mexican delicacies, and no matter how easy it is to call and make the order, you need to rethink your diet strategy before you take your digestive system on this spicy ride.

Spicy foods are strongly linked with sleep deprivation, and all ethnic recipes are rich with fats and carbs, hence you’ll end up consuming a great deal of calories. Such spicy and calorie rich foods also cause heartburns.

Mexican or Thai Food

But if you have a really strong craving for a crispy enchilada or something spicy, why not fix yourself a little quesadilla with corn tortillas, cooking spray and low-fat cheese. If you want something more filling, why not treat yourself to a frozen burrito?

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