5 Tips for a Super-Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are perfectly easier and delicious ways to include healthy and productive ingredients in your diet plans as they offer awesome deals of nutrients and proteins in contrast to trending unhealthy and non-nutritious plain juices. Smoothies are, in real, blend of fruits and vegetables with all their healthy-for-heart fibers and there’s little to no waste of productive and healthy content as smoothies aren’t simply an extraction of juices from vegetables and fruits.

What particularly matters in smoothies are the ingredients you add, because they can deliver a balanced proportion of your daily proteins, fats and carbohydrate needs. They can definitely replace your salads or heavy meals. In contrast, Juices, mostly, are stuffed with carbohydrates and specifically, when they are fruit-based, they act as concentrated supply of sugar.

Still, these facts don’t imply that smoothies are healthy choices, especially if you are buying them from store. What’s the difference? Along with other preservatives, the non-fresh stored smoothie has 15 tsp of sugar as it contains juices and syrups. In homemade smoothies, healthy ingredients can be chosen by leaving out extra-sugary foods. You might add nutritious whole foods but the calories are excessive.

Here are 5 tips for a super healthy smoothies.

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Here, we have some suggestions to prepare a well-balanced smoothie that will not affect your diet and will assist you in living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Cut Down on Added Sweeteners

The best recommendation that has been proved to be harmless is putting whole fruits as sweeteners in your smoothies. The benefit lies in the fact that syrups and honey are suppliers of sugar solely while fruits are amazing sources of vitamins, fibers, minerals, phytonutrients etc. along with natural sweet flavor. A cup of either frozen fruits or fresh fruits forms the perfect base for your smoothies.

You can add mango, orange, strawberry, pineapple, banana slices or pieces for sweetness, but be careful about using juices as they are a source of the concentrated amount of sugar and calories. Go for unsweetened, non-flavored yogurt or milk but avoid non-dairy coconut and almond milk as they have added sweeteners.

Blend the ingredients well enough and taste it to check whether the sweetness is fine. If you feel a need for more sweetness, then, add dates or any other sweetener that you prefer.

Smoothie Recipe Banana Blueberry

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