5 Things That Prevent Cancer

Cancer is like a subtle disease that attacks without warning and without letting you know. But that’s not actually true. No, I mean this is true but there still are certain choices you can make in your life for healthy living that too can help you reduce the risk of cancer more than 80%.

Whether it is about exercising a lot, stop smoking cigarettes, limiting alcohol intakes and consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, all this when combined, are best known for preventing cancer. The potential or preventing the risk is much higher in following things.

In fact, according to the researches, the risk of cancer can be prevented up to 50% by following these preventions and measures. Just little changes can save your life from chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, and diabetes.

Things to Help Prevent Cancer

These little changes in lifestyle cannot prevent all the cancer types but at least it can prevent few of them. According to the experts, it is said that people who follow these preventions, is more likely to stay healthy and cancer free for a longer period of time.

Let’s have a look at the preventions.

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

People who drink a lot of carbonated drinks, or consumed a lot of junk foods are more likely to develop obesity and obese people are more closely linked to breast, endometrial, uterine and other kinds of chronic cancers.

Foods that Help Fight Cancer Cells

2. Quit Smoking

People who smoke are more likely to fell prey in cancer as compared to the people who never smoked or quit smoking.

How to not get lung cancer

3. Exercise

Exercising has a lot of life saving benefits but the best benefit of exercise is it can prevent one from causing cancer. 150 minutes of normal level exercise or 75 minutes of high capacity exercise, every week is ideal for a normal healthy person.

What are Possible Ways to Prevent Cancer

4. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is connected to a lot of diseases and especially cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer, and many other types of cancers. Try to not taking alcoholic drinks more than 1 glass a day for a woman and 2 glasses a day for a man.

Red Wine and Breast Cancer Recurrence

5. Go for Healthy Diet

A diet consist of processed, scorching or over heated foods has higher risk that can cause cancer. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are more likely to reduce the risk of cancer to a great extent.

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