5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4. How deadly is the pandemic?

Is there a cure for coronavirus
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Image: MedMD

It is important to understand that presently, there is no cure for the coronavirus. There is no specific vaccine or medications to fight off the new pandemic or treat its symptoms. And while antibiotics are effective in treating bacteria-related ailments, they are not effective at fighting off viruses.

There are certain options for treatments, but majority of the patients are recovering on their own. The global scientific community is striving to design a vaccine, but it will take time to materialize as it has to be tested in trials and research processes.

People who are older and those who are combatting other chronic ailments, such as diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, or asthma, are at a great risk for contracting the coronavirus. It can spread amongst humans of any age, and has the power of spreading across 80% of the population, as seen in worst case scenarios.

5. Eating Chinese food will do no harm

Eat more chinese food for Coronavirus
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Many people have started to avoid their local Chinese takeout meals or stopped purchasing Chinese food items or beverages. These are merely myths circulated around social media to spread fear and panic. There is no reality in such claims, and eating Chinese food is completely harmless.

According to the experts at the WHO, it is safe to receive letters and packages from countries that are one of the hotspots of the coronavirus. You see, the virus is unable to survive on such surfaces for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, it can survive on surfaces such as mobile moneys, door handles and cups for several days. This is why it is important to frequently wash hands with soap and water. In order to be at risk for the COVID-19 disease, you have to make close contact with an infected individual for 15 minutes or more.

Experts believe that the chances of being infected from close family members and friends is much higher than attending large social gatherings or events. However, the virus has spread across the world at an alarming speed and health advisers across the world are advising against social contact.

People are widely encouraged to reduce their social interaction and initiate self-isolation by working from home, avoiding public transport and commuting, and ordering stuff online instead of visiting supermarkets. Presently, limiting social contact and self-isolation are the most effective preventive measures to prevent the virus from further escalation.

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