5 Healthy Foods That Can Be Toxic If You Eat Too Much


Tuna is a rich source of protein especially omega 3. But canned tuna have also mercury which is harmful for brain cells and nervous system. It may lead to memory problem and vision problem.

The higher amount of tuna can be poisonous for young children and adult’s brain and their developing features. White albacore consists of more mercury than light tuna.

The consumption of tuna depends on your weight. A person with 110 pounds weight can consume nine ounces of light and four ounces of white albacore per week. A person with 165 pounds can consume 14 ounces of light tuna and five ounces of white albacore per week.

The pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers can enjoy 12 ounces of seafood with low mercury per week. Low mercury sea foods are salmon, catfish, shrimp or light tuna. For higher mercury not use more than 6 ounces per week.

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