5 Healthy Foods That Can Be Toxic If You Eat Too Much

Moderation is simple and best rule for living a healthy life. It is not only applicable on fresh bread, red wine and delicious desserts. It counts in a matter of clean foods too.

Foods Harmful If Eat Too Much

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Let’s have a look on five healthy foods that can be harmful if you eat too much of them.


Brazil nuts are number one source of selenium. Selenium is an essential element and has a specific role in reproduction and fight off infection. Our body requires a small amount of it just one nut provides 90 mcg of selenium which is twice of our daily requirement.

Too much use of Brazil nuts may cause selenium toxicity and ultimately leads to the gastrointestinal, hair loss, lightheadedness, neurological problems, heart attack and kidney failure. According to the Jessica Cording, R. D,“ Keep it to one weekly serving, or just have one or two nuts a few times a week”.

Brazil Nut Milk Nutrition


Veggies are considered a rich source of the nutritional powerhouse. Some veggies like Spinach, beets and Swiss chard have naturally occurring compounds called oxalates. These oxalates help to feed healthy bacteria in your guts and work as probiotics. Kidneys have a function to filter these compounds out. But if you have a kidney stone or kidney problem then kidneys have a hard time to do so. So it is better to avoid such veggies that are high in oxalates. Even you can go for lower- oxalate alternatives like cauliflower and cabbage.

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