5 Healthy Foods That Can Be Toxic If You Eat Too Much

Moderation is simple and best rule for living a healthy life. It is not only applicable on fresh bread, red wine and delicious desserts. It counts in a matter of clean foods too.

Foods Harmful If Eat Too Much

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Let’s have a look on five healthy foods that can be harmful if you eat too much of them.


Brazil nuts are number one source of selenium. Selenium is an essential element and has a specific role in reproduction and fight off infection. Our body requires a small amount of it just one nut provides 90 mcg of selenium which is twice of our daily requirement.

Too much use of Brazil nuts may cause selenium toxicity and ultimately leads to the gastrointestinal, hair loss, lightheadedness, neurological problems, heart attack and kidney failure. According to the Jessica Cording, R. D,“ Keep it to one weekly serving, or just have one or two nuts a few times a week”.

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Veggies are considered a rich source of the nutritional powerhouse. Some veggies like Spinach, beets and Swiss chard have naturally occurring compounds called oxalates. These oxalates help to feed healthy bacteria in your guts and work as probiotics. Kidneys have a function to filter these compounds out. But if you have a kidney stone or kidney problem then kidneys have a hard time to do so. So it is better to avoid such veggies that are high in oxalates. Even you can go for lower- oxalate alternatives like cauliflower and cabbage.

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Red meat, oysters and white beans are a rich source of iron and iron increases the absorption of oxygen in the muscles.

The deficiency of iron lead to the weakness, tiredness and severe deficiency leads to liver failure. Keep balance in taking iron if you are taking iron supplements with food sources.

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Brown rice has complex carbs and absorbs arsenic that occurs naturally in water and soil. Actually arsenic is a known human carcinogen which is essential for human body. But too much accumulation in the body may disturb the proper body functioning. For this purpose, there is no need to cut out the brown rice completely from your diet but you can shuffle whole grains.

For example, if you are taking brown rice daily try to alternate it with farro, quinoa or millet. You can also go for natural cereals.

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Tuna is a rich source of protein especially omega 3. But canned tuna have also mercury which is harmful for brain cells and nervous system. It may lead to memory problem and vision problem.

The higher amount of tuna can be poisonous for young children and adult’s brain and their developing features. White albacore consists of more mercury than light tuna.

The consumption of tuna depends on your weight. A person with 110 pounds weight can consume nine ounces of light and four ounces of white albacore per week. A person with 165 pounds can consume 14 ounces of light tuna and five ounces of white albacore per week.

The pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers can enjoy 12 ounces of seafood with low mercury per week. Low mercury sea foods are salmon, catfish, shrimp or light tuna. For higher mercury not use more than 6 ounces per week.

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