5 Foods to Eat When You’re Depressed

Most people tend to grab chocolates, Mnm’s and all the other salted, processed, baked and packaged goodies when they’re feeling down, blue, sad or depressed. However, these goodies never boost our mood, instead, they just boost up the calorie counts and damage our health.

If you really want to drive away those awful blues and elevate your mood with a powerful surge of energy, make a healthy food choice and brim yourself with essential energizing nutrients, such protein or magnesium.

Clinical depression is a rapidly rising ailment, and nutrition alone cannot cure it entirely, however, if you pick out garden fresh ingredients and nutrient-dense food items, you can really eliminate the symptoms, stress and fatigue with a newfound energy.

Foods to Help Fight Depression

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The human brain is programmed to desire things that it believes will make you feel happier, better and calmer, but most often, these ‘things’, be it a carton of ice cream or a large bag of chips, always make you feel guilty and filled up in the long run. You see, the wrong and unhealthy kinds of foods will not only burden your body, but they also burden your mind by influencing negative psychological symptoms, such as sluggishness, irritability, mental exhaustion and intense cravings.

On the other hand, healthy and nutrient dense food items with help you regulate and maintain your blood sugar levels, enhance the activities of your neurotransmitters, influence your emotions through the brain and put an end to all those horrid mood swings.

Here are 5 incredibly healthy food choices that you must add up to your daily diet immediately:

1. Green Tea

A hot and piping cup of green tea is brimming with L-theanine, an essential amino acid that holds countless health benefits and medicinal powers. Basically, L-theanine is a type of amino acid found mostly in tea leaves, and according to research, it is capable of influencing and enhancing the alpha brain waves. It also tends to calm the mind and body, improve concentration, and aid the mind in combatting stress or anxiety.

Even though green does have a certain quantity of caffeine, its L-theanine density always dominates all other effects with a potent relaxing effect that is scientifically proven to last around eight hours after consuming it. L-theanine gets quickly absorbed within the bloodstream, and its effect is so potent mainly because it is capable of permeating the blood-brain barrier.

Health Benefits Tea

You can enjoy various varieties of green tea flavours, such as mint, jasmine, lemon or berries, and you can drink it hot or iced cold, based on your personal preference.

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