5 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism


Farmed beef has lots of more antibiotics than grass-fed beef. Cattle that is raised on mixed feed having steroids will thus have beef with a lot of antibiotics, while the cattle that is raised on farms and are fed on grass produce beef that is healthy and free from antibiotics. Initially people were unaware of the harmful effects of beef that had antibiotics in it but now gradually they are getting aware of the health issues related to it. Study conducted in 2013 and published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health found out that antibiotics in the farm-raised beef have harmful effects on the bacteria that is good for our body. The results of this change in good gut bacteria is such that it increases our weight as the antibiotics drastically effects the way our body processes food. Consuming meat that has antibiotics, or in other words having farm-raised beef makes us gain weight. It is always better and healthy to eat grass-fed beef.


The famous proverb goes like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but it can go wrong if the wrong type of apple is consumed. A study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives and it found out that the fungicide sprayed on fruits and vegetables caused weight gain in mice and it was anticipated that it would do the same to humans too. So just when one would think that they are going all healthy with their diet, it’s actually the other way around and they are eating something that is going to slow down their metabolism and result in weight gain due to the fungicide sprayed on it. One should limit their exposure to pesticides by buying organic fruits, vegetables and even chicken and meat too. Everyone should make it a habit to wash fruits and vegetables before eating to make them clean from any bacteria and dirt.

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