5 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism

Okay so let’s begin with some good news and the good news is that what we eat or drink helps in boosting our metabolism. From drinking green tea to eating spicy food, our body’s metabolism increases naturally when we consume such stuff.

Just like eating or drinking; the right stuff gives a boost to our metabolism, similarly there are foods and drinks which slow down our body’s metabolism and hence fewer calories are burnt. This results in gaining weight and I’m sure majority of the people would not be happy with gaining weight.

Here is a list of 5 foods that slow down your metabolism and lead to weight gain.
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Image: HealthyVogue

Let’s have a look at 5 foods which slow down our metabolism.


White flour and white pasta are preferred by majority of the people for their good taste. They taste better than whole wheat flour and pasta but have fewer benefits as compared to whole wheat. White flour is basically wheat which has been processed.

Processed wheat loses all of the best qualities of wheat like fibre and antioxidants. When wheat is processed, it is washed of these two attributes. This processed wheat will have fine texture and good taste but will not be very nutritious. Something even worse is that white flour has almost no fibre and this slows down digestion. Due to the absence of fibre in white flour, our body breaks it down very quickly and no extra calories are burnt in the process of digesting it. This will result in slowing down the metabolism.

On the other hand, foods that are rich in fibre, like whole wheat bread, boost metabolism. They are difficult to digest and our body has to work harder to digest it and as a result more calories are burnt. This boosts the metabolism too.

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