5 Best Types of Breakfasts for Weight Loss

4. Healthy Fats

Yes fats have a healthier version too that can help you slow down your digestion time. Torey Armul tells about healthy fats that they release energy slowly, thus, supply energy for longer time period. Nuts, Avocado toast, chia seeds or flax seeds can be added to smoothies or oatmeal can add some healthy fat to your breakfast. Olive oil is another amazing way to have healthy fats.

5. Something “Out of the Box”

Play with your foods and invent new flavors for your breakfast. Whether you like beans or veggies, pumpkin puree or cinnamon, nuts or corn more than usual eggs and bread, you can make it as you like it. Apple with Greek yogurt or salads or some delicious smoothies, they can all work for you. Invent each day yet don’t forget to link up proteins, fibers, fats and veggies.

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