5 Best Types of Breakfasts for Weight Loss

2. Fiber

Fibers greatly assist you in your diets by elongating the period of digestion after you consume them. They make it easier for you to survive without consuming any extra amount of carbohydrates or unhealthy junk foods. Fibers supply sustained energy through the day. In addition, fibers cut down your cholesterol level too.

Fiber rich foods: oatmeal, corn, fruits, whole grain toast, kidney beans with a mix of other boiled veggies can be great additions to your breakfast.

3. Vegetables

Torey Armul, another representative of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggest that vegetables should take up more than half part of our meals and most importantly at breakfast. People indulge in some bread and butter forgetting how essential fruits and vegetables are at breakfasts.

Add some spinach, zucchini, tomato or peppers to your omelets. There’s a great way to utilize leftover vegetables from the past night and that is heating them and adding them to your sweet fruit smoothies. Salads early morning and in all other meals are wise choices too.

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