5 Best Types of Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Getting late for your office and then leaving home without breakfast is how our mornings usually begin. To get rid of drowsiness, we grab a cupcake from pastry shop to give us a boost of energy at the start of day. Yet, is it healthy to make it an everyday habit especially when you are on a diet?

Every other diet plan focuses on a heavy and healthy breakfast as it defines how you day is going to be as much as the first positive or negative thought as the beginning of the day does. Obesity Society researched and explored the realm of foods and diet plans and found out that people having a heavier breakfast and a lighter dinner are more prone to losing weight as they have lesser craving for food throughout the day.

We have compiled a list of nutrients, which promote weight loss, to be taken at breakfast. Optimize your weight-lose diet process with these breakfasts. #weightloss #breakfastideas

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According to Jessica, representative of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Our body needs to be re-fueled every 5 to 6 hours to keep us going throughout the day. In early hours of the day, she recommends to have fiber and protein containing foods to supply your body energy during the day.

Make your breakfast GRAND! Breakfast helps your body burn 5-20 percent more calories the whole day.

Carbohydrates in breakfast can enhance your craving after only 2-3 hours as they only shoot up your glucose level momentarily.

We have compiled a list of nutrients, which promote weight loss, to be taken at breakfast. Optimize your weight-lose diet process with these breakfasts.

1. Protein

Eggs are protein-filled best fundamental food for breakfast because it’s high in protein content helps reduce cravings during the day and increase the sense of fullness according to a study that got published in American Journal of Nutrition. Proteins help in muscle’s build up and faster metabolic rate for the day. 20 grams of proteins are to be necessarily consumed by women more specifically for their mental stability and active mindedness throughout the day.

Rich Protein Breakfast

Replacement for eggs: Greek yogurt with one-fourth cup of oats along with berries and almonds, Baked banana bread with protein powder scoop or cooked quinoa are great options. Even a glass of milk has 8 grams of proteins. A slice of Ezekiel Bread contains 4 grams of protein content.

2. Fiber

Fibers greatly assist you in your diets by elongating the period of digestion after you consume them. They make it easier for you to survive without consuming any extra amount of carbohydrates or unhealthy junk foods. Fibers supply sustained energy through the day. In addition, fibers cut down your cholesterol level too.

Fiber rich foods: oatmeal, corn, fruits, whole grain toast, kidney beans with a mix of other boiled veggies can be great additions to your breakfast.

High Fiber Recipes for Weight Loss

3. Vegetables

Torey Armul, another representative of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggest that vegetables should take up more than half part of our meals and most importantly at breakfast. People indulge in some bread and butter forgetting how essential fruits and vegetables are at breakfasts.

Add some spinach, zucchini, tomato or peppers to your omelets. There’s a great way to utilize leftover vegetables from the past night and that is heating them and adding them to your sweet fruit smoothies. Salads early morning and in all other meals are wise choices too.

High Protein Vegan Breakfast Ideas

4. Healthy Fats

Yes fats have a healthier version too that can help you slow down your digestion time. Torey Armul tells about healthy fats that they release energy slowly, thus, supply energy for longer time period. Nuts, Avocado toast, chia seeds or flax seeds can be added to smoothies or oatmeal can add some healthy fat to your breakfast. Olive oil is another amazing way to have healthy fats.

Breakfast Foods to Lose Weight

5. Something “Out of the Box”

Play with your foods and invent new flavors for your breakfast. Whether you like beans or veggies, pumpkin puree or cinnamon, nuts or corn more than usual eggs and bread, you can make it as you like it. Apple with Greek yogurt or salads or some delicious smoothies, they can all work for you. Invent each day yet don’t forget to link up proteins, fibers, fats and veggies.

Protein Sources for Breakfast

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