4 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Joints

Years back the joint replacement was only for old age people but today it is common among youngsters as well. According to the orthopaedic surgeons in the region, people between the age of 40 to 50 or even younger are suffering from joints replacements. In fact, a neuropathic surgeon in New York stated that there are number of people younger than 60 years are going under the knife is up for about 15% from last 2 years. And the data collected from National health center, the number of hip replacements is doubled in previous 10 years and it is 205% more common in people aging from 45 to 54.

According to the surgeons, people wanted to stay more and more active as they age so they usually go for joint replacement surgeries. As the transplants now a days are more long lasting and effective as compared to previous times. And they usually go for 40 years or more. So this means that the joint replacement is now an option even for people at very young age. And the surgeons aren’t afraid to recommend this or to do this as they consider this safe.

No matter how much effective the surgeries are, we all prefer to head to the hospital and we should too. So to avoid the long trip to the hospital; following are top 4 mistakes we are doing that affects our joints and the ways are also stated about how we can prevent the harm.

But while the surgeries are effective, we’d all prefer to skip a trip to the hospital, right? Here, the top mistakes we all make when it comes to our joints—and how to stay out of harm’s way.

1. You let your weight go

According to the body weight experts, while you run the knee joints carry 8-9 times more weight than your body. However, the body can surely handle this but according to some researchers some runners are not actually on the increased risk of osteoarthritis but it is very important to keep checking the scale. More weight is huge stress. Along with other problems, people who are obese or overweight are 40% more likely to get joint replacement as compared to the people with normal age. And it is even more common in younger people, even below the age of 40.

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