The 20 Highest Protein Veggies (And Other Plant-Based Foods) You Can Eat

15. Spinach

Protein: 3 g per ½ cup serving (cooked)

Almost everyone has watched Popeye the sailorman in childhood and we all know that Popeye used to eat spinach to strengthen his muscles. The reason behind this is that spinach is really a great source of proteins. 3 grams may sound less but for green veggies, it is a lot.

We usually add spinach in salads but the secret to getting maximum benefits from this food is to eat it cooked. You can try different recipes to enjoy this delicious yet healthy food.

16. Potatoes

Proteins: 4 g in 1 medium white potato

White potatoes are another rich source of protein. In spite of having a reputation of being much devoid of all nutrition, 4 grams of proteins is contained in a medium sized spud actually.

Along with 20% heart healthy potassium that is the recommend daily intake, potatoes are very famous among people as they can be used in different dishes and are quite tasty as well.

17. Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Protein: 5 g ¼ serving (dry)

Steel-cut oats not only provide proteins but they also have a lower glycemic index as compared to the rolled oats. This means that they do not raise the blood sugar level as much, so you feel more satisfied after eating them and they also reduce your cravings.

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