The 20 Highest Protein Veggies (And Other Plant-Based Foods) You Can Eat

9. Organic Edamame

Protein: 18 grams per 1 cup serving (cooked)

Talking about the healthiest appetizer ever, just one cup of edamame (or cooked soybeans) contains a really nice amount of protein.

You have to be very careful and select the organic variety for you, as most of the beans in the United States of America are genetically modified and are heavily treated with pesticides that are linked to several human health hazards such as headache, nausea and can also cause chronic effects like cancer and endocrine disruption.

10. Chickpeas

Protein: 6 g per ½ cup serving

Having the rich amount of protein and fiber the chickpeas also make delicious hummus that you would definitely like to eat.

You can also spread chickpea dip on bread instead of mayo to make delicious sandwiches. Or maybe try veggie slices with some yummy hummus recipes.

11. Chia Seeds

Protein: 6 g per 2 tbsp

Tons of proteins are packed in these pint-sized chia seeds. Chia seeds are one of the greatest sources of alpha linolenic acid (ALA), a plant based omega-3 fatty acid type.

Omega-3 is used in helping to stimulate the fullness of leptin hormone that makes your body burn the fats instead of storing them.

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