17 Worst Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

10. Flavoured Yogurt #AllDayEveryday

Are you addicted to flavoured yogurt, so much that you can’t bear the thought of getting out of bed without a generous serving of berry yogurt waiting to be devoured for breakfast? Now, natural yogurt is a terrific source of calcium, probiotics and protein, but flavoured yogurt provides nothing but empty calories and heaps of sugar, along with artificial colours and synthetic flavours.

If enjoy devouring yogurt for breakfast, be sure to pick out non-flavoured varieties. Greek yogurt is always the healthiest pick, for it packs up the highest density of protein and the lowest amount of sugar and calories. You can pair it up with a healthy topping of fresh berries, dark chocolate shavings and crunchy nuts.

11. Beef Jerky on the Go!

Are you a big fan of beef jerky, and do you usually consider it as a delectable go-to treat that you can enjoy on the subway ride to work? Now, we admit that beef jerky is a very appetizing and convenient breakfast that gives you all the protein you need for an energetic morning, but hey, how will avoid all that sodium that is added to preserve the beef? Remember, excessive consumption of sodium, particularly on a daily basis, causes excessive water retention and bloating, along with increasing your risk factors for developing high blood pressure.

12. Often Breaking Fast at Fast Food Eateries

If you have a habit of breakfasting at fast food joints several times during the week, remind yourself that you consume at least 300 more unnecessary calories that you’d consume if you’d breakfast at home. Moreover, if you eat out thrice a week, you end up gaining eight pounds during a year.

Furthermore, when you frequently eat at fast food restaurants, you up adding an excessive amount of sodium to your daily diet, and naturally, this negatively impacts the health of your heart, along with promoting bloating.

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