17 Worst Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

8. Chugging Down a Soda for Breakfast

Do you enjoy the quick energy fix that you get from the unhealthy caffeine-and-sugar combination found in sodas? It is only natural for us to turn towards something sugary and cold in the morning, but sodas are a terrible option, especially as a standalone breakfast item, for they contain nothing but empty calories.

Sugar and caffeine make a deadly combination, because it causes a temporary sugar high, which is followed by a sugar crash that causes a serious disruption to your appetite hormones, making you frantically hungry. Naturally, this causes overeating and cravings for processed foods. Moreover, consuming sodas with an empty stomach can lead to severe stomach ailments, irritation, indigestion and even the development of ulcers.

9. Jumping Aboard the Smoothie Bowl Bandwagon

We understand that smoothie bowls have emerged as the hottest trend on Instagram, but being trendy isn’t exactly the same thing as being healthy, or is it? It is important to understand that joining the smoothie-bowl-for-breakfast cult will do nothing but completely distort your portions and wreak havoc to your goals of having a healthy breakfast.

When creating a smoothie bowl, it’s extremely hard to avoid all those generous portions and delectable toppings, besides, we tend to focus more on making the bowl look Insta-worthy rather than healthy.

If you limit your portions to no more than one cup, and pick out healthy toppings with heaps of fresh fruit and a few nuts rather than the calorie-stuffed coconut chips, you can always indulge in a smoothie bowl every now and then.

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