17 Worst Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

6. Avoiding your Veggies

Most people believe that a breakfast always have to consist of traditional food items, such as cereals, bacon, eggs, bread, fruits, and dairy products. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, you can even load up your plate with seasoned vegetables. Vegetables never seem to get enough importance at breakfast, which is never a great idea for those who are eager to shed away some unwanted pounds. You see, if you want to create a healthy and mindful breakfast, you must eat your vegetables.

Vegetables have a naturally low concentration of calories, and they pack up a rich variety of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, along with being packed with fiber, which aids in promoting satiation by filling you up and curbing your appetite. You can add up vegetables to enhance the taste of your breakfast in countless easy ways.

For instance, throw in some seasoned bell peppers and sautéed spinach to your omelette batter, or perhaps, add up some spinach, kale and cucumbers to your brew of green smoothie. You can even toss in some pureed pumpkin to give your pancakes a more flavourful taste. Here’s another amazing European-style breakfast side-line to enjoy with your omelette: add some roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms for a scintillating combination.

7. Picking out Low-Fat Breakfast Items

Devouring a low-fat pastry for breakfast is just as unhealthy as creating a breakfast platter that consists of low-fat items. The human brain mostly consists of fat, and yet, the prevalent belief in health circles is that cutting fat is essential to cut down calories to help us lose weight. This is a wrong belief, for we must remember that consuming fats promotions satiation, which allows us to avoid unwanted pangs of hunger and untimely food cravings.

Moreover, the body needs fats to absorb certain kinds of nutrients, for instance Vitamins A, D, E and K, which are extremely essential to perform a wide range of bodily functions, including our eyesight and regulating the metabolism. So, give your veggies a mindful coat of butter and throw in half an avocado to load up on some healthy fats.

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