17 Worst Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

3. Just a Cup of Coffee

Skipping your breakfast and relying on just a cup of coffee is the most inexcusable unhealthy habit that can be justified no matter how late you’re running for work. You see, a single cup of coffee can never satisfy you like a meal would, and if you want to avoid those awful pangs of hunger that force you to run down to the wending machine, coffee just won’t be enough. Your body needs energy along with that necessary jolt of caffeine, therefore, you need to make better arrangements in case you’re always running late in the morning.

For instance, you can blend in some smoothie ingredients and place them in the refrigerator overnight so you can enjoy sipping your breakfast on the subway ride to work. Making grab-and-go meals beforehand is the best way to ensure you have a proper and healthy breakfast every day.

4. A Breakfast Platter of JUST Fruits

We often tend to believe that having a large platter of fruits is the healthiest pick for a breakfast. Now, even though fruits are extremely healthy and loaded with powerful antioxidants, they can’t provide us the essential protein required by our body to remain energetic and satiated, which is why you end up eating again after an hour or two of having your breakfast.

Naturally, a breakfast that lacks protein will cause you to munch on sugar-loaded and processed treats from the wending machine as you’ll crave a quick energy fix to quiet your appetite.

5. Lack of Variety Breeds Monotony

Eating the same breakfast over and over again will create a monotony that will bore you out, and this will derive the pleasure from eating, which isn’t fair because a delicious meal is one of the greatest blesses of life. You know what say, variety is the essence of life, and if you keep changing your breakfast items, you can provide your body a much larger variety of nutrients.

It’s always nice to experiment around with unconventional breakfasts, such as black beans with eggs, tuna with avocado or even a hearty serving of tofu with baked veggies.

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