17 Worst Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

It is important to snap out of these fantasies and take serious measures to create a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious breakfast regime. Researchers believe that many of us fail to consume all the essential nutrients that we need for a healthy, energetic and active morning. A breakfast that is loaded with protein is more likely to promote weight loss in the long-run.

Researchers attempted to study these claims with a sample of participants who reduced 30 pounds and more by consuming a high-protein breakfast every day. Nearly 80% of the participants succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off.

Worst Breakfast Foods for Waistline

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A cheese-loaded omelette with the sunny side up makes the perfect treat when paired with a generous serving of hash browns. However dreamy and amazing these morning fantasies may sound, they are unhealthy and sabotage our health in the worst ways.

1. Consuming Fruit Juices Rather than Whole Fruits

It’s easier to consume an entire litre of apple juice but eating three apples at once can be hard. Have you ever wondered why? You see, while fruit juices tend to have some fruit in it, it is always the whole fruit that will satiate your body with a powerful dose of fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients.

Fruit juice is a nice habit, but we all must make a habit of eating more whole fruits and veggies in order to pack up our bodies with heaps of satiating fiber. Oh, and steer clear of those supposedly 100% fruit juices, for they contain nothing but loads of sugar and calories, even if you pick out a tiny four-ounce portion.

Vitamin C in a Glass of Orange Juice

2. Breaking your Fast with a Few Nuts

If you’re breaking your fast with nothing more than a handful of walnuts and almonds, they won’t do much to energize your mornings despite all their amazingly healthy benefits for your waistline and brain. Even though nuts are extremely healthy and loaded with several vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, they do not contain any carbohydrates that are necessary to generate the energy you need for a fresh start in the morning.

You see, our muscles and brain requires carbohydrates to fuel the energy, and without a sufficient supply of healthy carbs, you end up feeling fatigued and exhausted, ready to fall asleep any minute. What’s more, a lack of carbs in your breakfast platter will also make you more prone to craving sugar and sugar-loaded treats for a quick energy fix.

What Is The Best Nut For Weight Loss

3. Just a Cup of Coffee

Skipping your breakfast and relying on just a cup of coffee is the most inexcusable unhealthy habit that can be justified no matter how late you’re running for work. You see, a single cup of coffee can never satisfy you like a meal would, and if you want to avoid those awful pangs of hunger that force you to run down to the wending machine, coffee just won’t be enough. Your body needs energy along with that necessary jolt of caffeine, therefore, you need to make better arrangements in case you’re always running late in the morning.

For instance, you can blend in some smoothie ingredients and place them in the refrigerator overnight so you can enjoy sipping your breakfast on the subway ride to work. Making grab-and-go meals beforehand is the best way to ensure you have a proper and healthy breakfast every day.

Eating Coffee Grounds For Weight Loss

4. A Breakfast Platter of JUST Fruits

We often tend to believe that having a large platter of fruits is the healthiest pick for a breakfast. Now, even though fruits are extremely healthy and loaded with powerful antioxidants, they can’t provide us the essential protein required by our body to remain energetic and satiated, which is why you end up eating again after an hour or two of having your breakfast.

Naturally, a breakfast that lacks protein will cause you to munch on sugar-loaded and processed treats from the wending machine as you’ll crave a quick energy fix to quiet your appetite.

Can I Lose Weight By Just Eating Fruit

5. Lack of Variety Breeds Monotony

Eating the same breakfast over and over again will create a monotony that will bore you out, and this will derive the pleasure from eating, which isn’t fair because a delicious meal is one of the greatest blesses of life. You know what say, variety is the essence of life, and if you keep changing your breakfast items, you can provide your body a much larger variety of nutrients.

It’s always nice to experiment around with unconventional breakfasts, such as black beans with eggs, tuna with avocado or even a hearty serving of tofu with baked veggies.

What Are Some Healthy Breakfast Foods To Lose Weight

6. Avoiding your Veggies

Most people believe that a breakfast always have to consist of traditional food items, such as cereals, bacon, eggs, bread, fruits, and dairy products. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, you can even load up your plate with seasoned vegetables. Vegetables never seem to get enough importance at breakfast, which is never a great idea for those who are eager to shed away some unwanted pounds. You see, if you want to create a healthy and mindful breakfast, you must eat your vegetables.

Vegetables have a naturally low concentration of calories, and they pack up a rich variety of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, along with being packed with fiber, which aids in promoting satiation by filling you up and curbing your appetite. You can add up vegetables to enhance the taste of your breakfast in countless easy ways.

For instance, throw in some seasoned bell peppers and sautéed spinach to your omelette batter, or perhaps, add up some spinach, kale and cucumbers to your brew of green smoothie. You can even toss in some pureed pumpkin to give your pancakes a more flavourful taste. Here’s another amazing European-style breakfast side-line to enjoy with your omelette: add some roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms for a scintillating combination.

Best Vegetables For Weight Loss Diet

7. Picking out Low-Fat Breakfast Items

Devouring a low-fat pastry for breakfast is just as unhealthy as creating a breakfast platter that consists of low-fat items. The human brain mostly consists of fat, and yet, the prevalent belief in health circles is that cutting fat is essential to cut down calories to help us lose weight. This is a wrong belief, for we must remember that consuming fats promotions satiation, which allows us to avoid unwanted pangs of hunger and untimely food cravings.

Moreover, the body needs fats to absorb certain kinds of nutrients, for instance Vitamins A, D, E and K, which are extremely essential to perform a wide range of bodily functions, including our eyesight and regulating the metabolism. So, give your veggies a mindful coat of butter and throw in half an avocado to load up on some healthy fats.

Low Fat Breakfast Meals

8. Chugging Down a Soda for Breakfast

Do you enjoy the quick energy fix that you get from the unhealthy caffeine-and-sugar combination found in sodas? It is only natural for us to turn towards something sugary and cold in the morning, but sodas are a terrible option, especially as a standalone breakfast item, for they contain nothing but empty calories.

Sugar and caffeine make a deadly combination, because it causes a temporary sugar high, which is followed by a sugar crash that causes a serious disruption to your appetite hormones, making you frantically hungry. Naturally, this causes overeating and cravings for processed foods. Moreover, consuming sodas with an empty stomach can lead to severe stomach ailments, irritation, indigestion and even the development of ulcers.

How Do I Quit Drinking Soda

9. Jumping Aboard the Smoothie Bowl Bandwagon

We understand that smoothie bowls have emerged as the hottest trend on Instagram, but being trendy isn’t exactly the same thing as being healthy, or is it? It is important to understand that joining the smoothie-bowl-for-breakfast cult will do nothing but completely distort your portions and wreak havoc to your goals of having a healthy breakfast.

When creating a smoothie bowl, it’s extremely hard to avoid all those generous portions and delectable toppings, besides, we tend to focus more on making the bowl look Insta-worthy rather than healthy.

If you limit your portions to no more than one cup, and pick out healthy toppings with heaps of fresh fruit and a few nuts rather than the calorie-stuffed coconut chips, you can always indulge in a smoothie bowl every now and then.

Healthy Smoothie Diet To Lose Weight

10. Flavoured Yogurt #AllDayEveryday

Are you addicted to flavoured yogurt, so much that you can’t bear the thought of getting out of bed without a generous serving of berry yogurt waiting to be devoured for breakfast? Now, natural yogurt is a terrific source of calcium, probiotics and protein, but flavoured yogurt provides nothing but empty calories and heaps of sugar, along with artificial colours and synthetic flavours.

If enjoy devouring yogurt for breakfast, be sure to pick out non-flavoured varieties. Greek yogurt is always the healthiest pick, for it packs up the highest density of protein and the lowest amount of sugar and calories. You can pair it up with a healthy topping of fresh berries, dark chocolate shavings and crunchy nuts.

How To Eat Plain Yogurt

11. Beef Jerky on the Go!

Are you a big fan of beef jerky, and do you usually consider it as a delectable go-to treat that you can enjoy on the subway ride to work? Now, we admit that beef jerky is a very appetizing and convenient breakfast that gives you all the protein you need for an energetic morning, but hey, how will avoid all that sodium that is added to preserve the beef? Remember, excessive consumption of sodium, particularly on a daily basis, causes excessive water retention and bloating, along with increasing your risk factors for developing high blood pressure.

How Long To Dry Beef Jerky

12. Often Breaking Fast at Fast Food Eateries

If you have a habit of breakfasting at fast food joints several times during the week, remind yourself that you consume at least 300 more unnecessary calories that you’d consume if you’d breakfast at home. Moreover, if you eat out thrice a week, you end up gaining eight pounds during a year.

Furthermore, when you frequently eat at fast food restaurants, you up adding an excessive amount of sodium to your daily diet, and naturally, this negatively impacts the health of your heart, along with promoting bloating.

Healthiest Fast Food Breakfast Choices

13. Just Having Green Juice for Breakfast

If you’re only drinking a small serving of green juice for breakfasting, you’re highly likely to overeat later during the day because you didn’t satiate your appetite in the morning. Even though green juice is a terrific way of consuming all your essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but if you’re only adding a few veggies to your juice, it is unlikely to provide you the energy and satisfaction required to keep your appetite satiated until lunch.

Without a protein packed breakfast, you’ll end up feeling sluggish and lazy, and you’ll end up picking out unhealthy treats from the wending machine to get rid of the exhaustion. You see, breakfasts that lack protein and fiber, the most essential nutrients needed to keep you energized and satiated, cannot be classified as healthy. If you want to have green juice in the morning, be sure to create a balanced breakfast that also includes fiber and protein.

Green Juice Benefits Weight Loss

14. Adding Zero-Calorie Sweeteners

Most people tend to regard these supposedly zero-calorie sweeteners as a safe and healthy option to sweeten their coffees and teas, but the truth is that, they contain nothing but unnatural and synthetic ingredients that tend to exhibit negative impacts on our health. Moreover, they are much sweeter than natural sugar tends to taste, and if you pick out a natural sweetener, like honey, it would taste much less sweeter in comparison. Therefore, it is always a better idea to use real sugar in mindful portions.

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15. Placing Unhealthy Food Items in Easily Accessible Locations

On days when we literally have to drag ourselves out of bed and even a hot shower can’t seem to eliminate the grogginess that is making us lazy, a giant loaf of banana bread of last night’s leftover pizza would seem like a convenient and attractive breakfast option. In such situations, one has to apply the remedy of out of sight, out of mind. Naturally, if you don’t have unhealthy food items lying around in the fridge or the pantry, easily viewed and beguiling you to devour them, you won’t eat them.

Instead of stocking up unhealthy and processed treats, place bowls of fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies on the counter so you have a healthy snack to take on the go. It’s always a good idea to pre-cut some veggies and fruits at night, so you can grab them up and dash out of the door in the morning.

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16. Lack of Sufficient Sleep

Most people may not be aware of this, but getting a good night’s sleep has quite the significant impact on your appetite, and ultimately, your goals of having a healthy breakfast.

Research reveals that missing a single night’s sleep can cause serious disruptions to the functioning of the hormones that control our appetite.

So, if you fail to take sufficient sleep at night, you’ll end up feeling much hungrier in the morning. Therefore, it is essential to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, you can start by turning out all the lights and your technological devices, and take a soothing cup of chamomile tea an hour before hitting the bed.

Sleep Related Eating Disorder

17. Eating too Fast

If you have a habit of always running late in the morning, you probably rush through your breakfast, or gobble down a stale bagel while running to work. Research reveals that the stomach needs some time to signal your brain that your appetite has been satiated, therefore, you need to slow it down and give your breakfast some time.

Eat slowly, chew mindfully and be sure to put down your fork between each bite. A normal and healthy breakfast lasts for at least 20 minutes, and it’s advisable to stop eating when your appetite has been nearly satiated.

Even if you’re eating a nutritional bar to fulfill your health goals, eat it mindfully and take 20 minutes so you chew slowly.

Quick on the Go Breakfast

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