12 Magic Foods for a Flatter Stomach

8. Cherries

Not only do they taste great but also help to curb your urge to eat something sweet with only a few calories. A chemical, anthocyanin, which is abundant in cherries and other red fruits help to lower blood sugar levels.

In early studies published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the same chemical was found to reduce insulin production by 50%.

9. Eggs

Eggs are important in lowering our appetite and improving energy levels. In a study published in International Journal for obesity, overweight and obese subjects who were given two eggs a day for breakfast lost 65% more weight than the participants without eggs.

The researchers concluded that eggs are good appetite controllers as well as important for blood insulin regulation.

8. Cinnamon

Just a small quantity of cinnamon can play a huge part in the insulin balance. Cinnamon improves muscles and liver’s response towards insulin hence improving weight loss.

Only half a teaspoon for 20 days is enough to improve insulin levels by 20%.

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