12 Easy Foods Swaps That Will Help You Lose Weight

8. Instead of: Flavored Fruit Yogurt

Try: Instead of devouring flavoured fruit yogurt varieties, make your own flavoured yogurts using fresh fruits for topping, and a nutritious cup of creamy Greek plain yogurt. Feel free to toss in a liberal amounts of fresh fruits, you can create layers of succulent berries, avocados, crunchy nuts and frozen bananas, and enjoy these delights with Greek yogurt and dark chocolate shavings.

Benefits: This is undoubtedly your healthiest pick for a nutritious dessert that will satiate your hunger and beguile your taste buds. You see, frozen yogurt varieties that contain a sparse amount of fruit, and heaps of sugars and preservatives, make an awful snack that will add up the calories and do nothing to energize your body.

On the other hand, just one cup of Greek yogurt will brim up your body with over 20 grams of protein, and an assortment of fresh fruits will give you’re a burst of antioxidants and fiber.

9. Instead of: Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Try: Fried chicken contains lesser nutrients and proteins as opposed to grilled fats, and when you devour it with mashed potatoes, you end up storing lots of unhealthy fats and calories in your body.

Benefits: Replace all your fried chicken meals with 2 palm-sized pieces of grilled chicken, and devour them with 2 roasted potatoes. You will not only save 4oz. of chicken with this satiating recipe, but more importantly, you will cut down 60 calories from your meal.

Roasted potatoes are much tastier than mashed potatoes, and they fill you up without adding all the calories that come from sour cream, butter and milk.

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