12 Easy Foods Swaps That Will Help You Lose Weight

6. Instead of: Blueberry Muffin

Try: Instead of devouring fat-rich blueberry muffins, satiate your appetite and delight your taste buds with oatmeal blueberry muffins. All you need is one cup of oatmeal and one cup of blueberries, and this recipe will brim you up with fiber, water and a rich dose of antioxidants.

Benefits: If you’re planning a weight-loss diet, don’t forget to add this amazing trick for a nutritious dessert that will fill you up with fiber and water, and help you eat less and feel satiated for hours.

7. Instead of: Potato Chips

Try: Instead of devouring plate after plate of oily and greasy potato chips, do your receding waistline a huge favour and fix yourself a large bowl of roasted chickpeas.

Benefits: Potato chips are definitely one of the unhealthiest snacks because they don’t even contain a trace of nutrition. But if you replace this habit with roasted chickpeas, you can enrich your body with proteins and fiber without compromising the indulgence of your taste buds. They are amazingly delicious, and they will fill you up to keep you satiated for hours.

You can always roast your own chickpeas at home, and enjoy them as a salad with fresh veggies and sauces. But if you can’t spare the time, or need something to eat on the go, pick out Good Bean Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas, as they are both, tasty and nutritious.

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