12 Easy Foods Swaps That Will Help You Lose Weight

4. Instead of: Classic Eggs Benedict

Try: Eggs benedict may be delicious, but they do little to satisfy your hunger, and keep you energized for most of the day. And the reason behind is that they not only serve up lesser calories, but also, eggs benedict pack up a low nutrition density.

Benefits: Therefore, fix yourself a delicious cheesy omelette with 3 eggs, and a mindful serving go cheese. Throw in some bacon, ham or beef into your omelette, along with a crunchy assortment of veggies that you like. This omelette will brim up your body with loads of fibers, and a powerful infusion of protein. It’s the perfect breakfast pick for an energetic start.

5. Instead of: White Bagel with Cream Cheese

Try: Instead of devouring white bagels loaded with calorie-rich cream cheese, make a smarter and healthier decision with one whole grain English muffin, and 2tsp. of nut butter.

Benefits: English muffins have far lesser calories than bagels, and picking one muffin will cut down as much as 100 calories, so if you change the entire platter that you devour with your tea, you’ll obviously be making a huge calorie reduction with such a small change. And nut butters, such as almond or peanut butter, will enrich your body with protein, along with beguiling your taste buds and filling up your appetite.

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