10 Yoga Poses to Beat Belly Bloat and Promote Digestion

After having a large meal or eating something you love in large quantity, we often feel the existence of Beluga Whale in our stomach that feels quite irritating and upsets the whole body and mood.

Belly bloat can cause sometimes due to drinking lots of water as well and it’s all upon you how you treat this. Either you just lay down on the beach to let the ‘whale’ go away on its own (Which is useless and time consuming) or you try some beneficial yoga possess and get back to normal.

Yoga is the most beneficial treatment for mind and body. It doesn’t only help you relax your mind but it also relaxes the body. Following are some useful yoga possess that can help you ease your stomach and help you get back to normal. I’m going to state 10 most beneficial yoga possess, you can select one or two that suits best on you.

1. Corpse Pose

The digestive system in the body has a space to function at its optimum potential. When you allow the body to open and keep stretched and un-confined, the digestive system works in better way. The pose also relaxes the mind and body and reduces stress that may cause upsetting of a stomach.

Just lie on the ground flat and wide open your arms and feet. Keep your eyes closed and place an eye pillow or something light on your eyes to shield the lights and play some soothing music and have some deeper sense of relaxation.

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