10 Worst Foods For Your Skin

6. Chips

Either it’s the midnight cravings or the hunger pangs during work; everybody prefers a light snack when it’s not your meal time. Everybody has their own favorite flavors in different kinds of chips and we eat them without any regret. Most of us do not know how bad a little packet of chips can affect our skin.

Chips have a lot of refined carbs in them that cause inflammation and result in oxidative stress that badly affects our DNA and collagen. Fariss says that eating chips gradually results in early aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Another thing that we are supposed to know is that according to a study published in The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, in 2014, the main reason behind the adult acne cases are refined carbs. You definitely need to stay away from them if you love your skin.

7. Secretly Sugary Smoothies

Americans consume about 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. That is a lot more (around three times) of the recommended amount. Most of this sugar comes from hidden sources and one of the biggest sources is smoothies.

The natural sugar present in the fruits is not harmful at all. The problem is actually caused by the bottled smoothies that they sell at the stores or the smoothies that they make at the restaurants. These may contain frozen yoghurt or juice etc. in them that contains a lot of sugar in it.

The best option to drink smoothies is to make them at home only with the ingredients that are good for you, like unsweetened nut milk or yoghurt.

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