10 Worst Foods For Your Skin

2. Candy

No matter how much you love candy, you know that it is not healthy to eat at all. Fariss says that in our culture, where eating candy is quite common, we relate adolescence with pimples.

Every second person gets pimples in his adolescence whereas in countries where they do not eat food that has a high amount of processed sugar, kids do not get acne while going through puberty. It’s not just puberty; there is a possibility that the reason behind your adult breakouts can be the chocolates and sweets that you eat.

The worst thing is that sugar does not only cause pimples, it also damages collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep skin soft, flexible and elastic. This results in early aging as well.

3. Healthy Cereal

Packaged food is never healthy for your body as you cannot trust them with what is inside. We all know that whole grains are a lot healthier than white ones as they are low on the glycemic index (a measure that determines how food affects our blood sugar level).

But, we should know that packaged cereals are refined and have a lot of sugar added in them. Treloar says that this can result in wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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