Diabetes-Friendly Diet: 10 Foods that Control Blood Sugar Naturally

Balancing the blood sugar levels is by far the hardest task your body has to undergo, and it is very essential to do so because high blood sugar levels can prove severely fatalistic. The higher and chronic your blood sugar levels get, the more toxins your body is exposed to. They can cause some very serious and severe health issues, for instance, type 2 diabetes, disruption in blood vessels and body organs, dialysis, nerve damage, possible blindness, erectile dysfunction and developing issues that lead to a heart attack. There is no exaggeration in the fact that you need to take optimum care in helping your body regulate your blood sugar levels in order to stay fit and healthy.

Now, as hard as it may seem, a healthy, nutrition packed diet can fix any ailment your body may be struggling with. If your sugar levels are uncontrollable, all you need is the right kind of foods to regulate them.

Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Let’s take a look at the most potent and effective foods that naturally lower and regulate your blood sugar levels!

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a great remedy to lower down insulin and blood sugar levels, along with filling up your stomach with a high carbohydrate diet. Scientific evidence reveals that people who accompany their meals with a vinegar beverage have a healthier insulin profile and stable blood sugar levels after eating.

Are Apples Good for Type 2 Diabetes

For those who are pre-diabetic, vinegar can really work some magic on their health as compared to those with normal insulin sensitivity. However, you must stay away from balsamic vinegar as it is loaded with sugar, and stick to white and apple cider vinegar.

2. Blueberries

Research reveals that daily consumption of blueberries nourishes the body with a heavy dose of bioactive agents that help reduce the risk of contracting diabetes in people who are at risk, along with enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Blueberries fill you up and they stop you from consuming too many carbs that lead up to producing excess of insulin in your body. Hence, they also provide a strong resistance against insulin and type 2 diabetes.

Blueberries and Weight Loss

3. Cherries

Cherries are rich in natural chemical compounds known as anthocyanins, which help regulate and lower blood sugar levels in diabetic patient. A study revealed that anthocyanin rich cherries help reduce insulin production by over 50% and they also protect the body against cancer and heart disease.

Cherries for Diabetes Treatment

4. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have are the oldest and most traditional gluten-free remedy to lower down and stabilize blood sugar levels. They help curb in the adverse effects of diabetes, reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome by balancing cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and chronic rise of blood sugar level after eating. They also help enhance insulin sensitivity.

Chia Seed Benefits Weight Loss

Chia seeds will be a great addition to your diet, because alongside lowering your blood sugar levels, they also contain some other powerful anti-inflammatory agents, and essential nutrients such as folic acid, magnesium, fiber, calcium, potassium and iron.

5. Avocados

The fats found in avocados are very healthy and very good for nourishing your body and regulating your blood sugar levels. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, which allow less insulin to get released in your blood along with slowing down the quantity of sugar in your bloodstream. These are also rich in beta-stosterol, which helps tone down inflammation after a killer and exhausting workout.

However, to avoid packing up lots of calories, take no more than one avocado with one meal. Or better yet, why don’t you try some avocado oil on your vegetable salad?

Are Avocados Good for Weight Loss

6. Cinnamon

Scientific evidence proves that cinnamon can increase the response of your liver cells and muscles to insulin, and therefore, it can also help you shed weight quicker. When your body responds to insulin better, your blood sugar stabilizes and less insulin gets released into your blood. The best part is, Ceylon cinnamon is the best way to fight countless risk factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases, for instance high triglycerides, high blood sugar, bad cholesterol (LDL) and total cholesterol.

All you need is ½ tsp. of cinnamon a day for a period of 20 days to regulate your body’s response to insulin and lower your blood sugar levels up to 20%.

Cinnamon and Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

7. Eggs

A recent study that examined the eating behaviors of obese and overweight people revealed that those who ate two eggs for breakfast shed 65% more weight as compared to those who ate a breakfast with no eggs.

The researchers proved that eating eggs can control unwanted pangs of hunger by lowering the insulin response after the meal, and controlling hunger by lowering fluctuations in glucose and insulin levels of your body. Moreover, those who eat a breakfast with eggs tend to consume lesser calories for the next 36 hours.

Is Egg Yolk Good for You

8. Mangoes

Even though they are sweeties sugary fruits, these delicious delights help lower your blood sugar levels to a great extent. Recent research has revealed that eating 10 grams of freeze-dried mangoes everyday can help fight obesity and blood sugar levels that raised due to being overweight.

Moreover, mangoes are packed with around 20 essential vitamins and loads of minerals, such as folate, fiber, and Vitamins A and C. And the best part is, 88% mangoes do not have pesticide residue, so they are the safest and healthiest fruit for obesity related chronic blood sugar issues.

Health Benefits for Mango

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