10 Condiments That Can Help You Lose Weight

3. Reduced – Sodium Soy Sauce

Sweet and sour taste is quite better than tasteless food. Soy sauce adds flavor in your meal even if you add it in simple soup it is quite tasty and healthy. It was determined in Appetite study in 2014 that Soy sauce has the capability to overcome the sugar cravings. So with the help of Soy sauce you can satisfy your tastebuds on the other hand sugar cravings can be controlled.

The savory umami flavor has the resemblance food flavor that you get from beef, parmesan and mushrooms. The researchers provided women a bowl of soup with and without umami flavor. They found that after taking it women ate fewer sweet snacks later on.

So add reduced sodium soy sauce in your meal, it will work wonder.

4. Almond Butter

Sometimes we use alternatives without paying concentration to the consisted calories. Actually, in the weight reduction process calories matter. If we analyze almonds have 24 % fewer calories which was founded by USDA study in 2012. Actually in case of almonds, we can say that calorie is not a calorie when it comes from almonds.

So try to use almond butter rather than going for butter and cream cheese.

Use the almond oil on your toast, muffins or simply swirl into plain yogurt for satisfying nutty flavor.

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