10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50

The slimming effects of the greatest haircuts for round-faced women over 50 can enhance their beauty and youthfulness. If you’re a woman over 50 who’s considering changing up your appearance, go for a look that makes you feel good about yourself.

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50

According to Gemma Sandercock, a hairstylist from Swindon, UK, “when blessed with a round face, you should steer clear of drastic cuts and opt for a style that gives volume and bounce.” Look for a cut and style that highlights the roundness of your face and makes you appear fresh.

She goes on to say that a woman with fine hair should keep her face soft, have blunt ends, and have space for structure and volume. Women over 50 with thick hair should choose for a short, choppy, and pixie style.

To style thinning hair, Sandercock suggests using an Oway Volumizing Root Spray and a firm round brush. The brush and spray work together to create a full, voluminous finish.

Before your next salon visit, look at the most recent images of hairstyles and haircuts for women over 50 with round faces to help you accept your advancing years.

1. Medium Shoulder Length Hairstyles

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50

Timeless elegance is catered for in the best hairstyles for women over 50. This Medium Shoulder Length Hairstyles in particular highlights a center section that is evenly distributed and elegantly falls over the sides of the face and ears. Through deliberate partial forehead exposure, the facial form is slightly altered, resulting in a confident and appealing appearance. This adaptable style offers a chic option that gracefully embraces adulthood and is especially designed for women with round features. The face’s framing and the middle part’s simplicity accentuate each person’s unique attractiveness and provide ladies over 50 the confidence and refinement to wear whatever they want.

2. Shaggy Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Faces

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

This haircut seems a little shaggier than the ones that came before it. The forehead and the roundness of the face are deftly hidden by the fringed style. Older women tend to love this look because it’s easy to style and keep up. The hair has incredibly beautiful layers and is parted asymmetrically. Deliberate asymmetry and layered texture soften face features and give a youthful touch while also creating a silhouette that is attractive. This haircut, which embraces casual styling and a chic, modern aesthetic, is a useful and fashionable option for older ladies who want to subtly improve their image with a dash of timeless flare.

3. Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyle

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

Older women with naturally curly hair can effortlessly rock this style, as it beautifully showcases bouncy and well-defined curls throughout. The Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyle gracefully falls from the shoulders and sides, exuding a chic and sophisticated look. These hairstyles undeniably stand out as the coolest choices for women over 50, adding a fashionable and upscale touch to their appearance. Embracing the natural texture of curly hair, this shoulder-length style combines ease of maintenance with a trendy aesthetic, allowing women to radiate confidence and style effortlessly. Celebrate the beauty of curls and the sophistication of shoulder-length cuts for a timeless and chic look.

4. The Energetic Pixie

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

Women with round faces can wear pixie cuts with confidence since they have a carefree, boyish charm. Gorgeous, mature ladies look especially good with this trendy pixie haircut, which successfully changes the shape of the face to appear more rectangular and less round. This pixie’s short and fashionable style adds a youthful and refreshing touch in addition to emanating a modern and sophisticated vibe. Women with round faces can reshape their facial features, show off their confidence, and have a stylish, low-maintenance hairdo that exudes contemporary sophistication by choosing a pixie cut.

5. Layered Hair

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

As the name suggests, layered hair has cascading layers all over the head. The mid-head and fringe are partially connected to the left and right parts. Straighten every hair in its natural direction so that both sides of the sideswept hair have a lovely curly-wavy texture. This hairdo adds movement and volume while creating a dynamic and textured look. The thoughtful layering accentuates different facial shapes, making it a fashionable and adaptable option for anybody looking to look effortlessly put together. Accept the fun elegance of layered hair, where layers and curls combine to create a chic and contemporary look.

6. Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Round Face 

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

With a primary hue of blonde and a harmonic blend of black and blonde tones, this gorgeous haircut really stands out. The wavy style is masterfully combined with side-swept hair on both sides of the head, and the length is maintained above the shoulders. Make sure the hair at the back of the head is straight to finish the appearance. The visual effect produced by this arrangement of hues and textures is striking and energetic. The contrast between the black and blonde gives depth, and the straightened portions and waves give the design a chic, contemporary look. Accept the beauty of this haircut, which combines contrasting aspects to create a very eye-catching look.

7. Medium Curls

Look no further than Medium Curls for a stunning appearance on a round face. Maintaining straight, combed hair at the back of your head is essential for optimal styling. To achieve a polished and sleek look, slick your hair to the left or right from the front. Let most of your sideburns be a little wavy to add to the overall look. A balanced and symmetrical appearance can be achieved by keeping the hair on both sides of the head at the same length. This hairstyle is a great option for people who want to look well-rounded and fashionable because it blends sophistication with a hint of humor.

8. Medium Bubble Hairstyle

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

If you want to stand out, go for the Medium Bubble Hairstyle. Curly-wavy hair on both sides of the head is required for this remarkable haircut, which elevates the overall appearance. For this specific style, make sure your hair stays off your neck. A center black portion should be featured on the mostly blonde mid-head to produce a striking and contrasted visual impression. The hairdo’s distinctive wave, curl, and color diversity give it a contemporary, striking look. With its blend of textures and hues, the Medium Bubble Hairstyle is sure to turn heads. Embrace the stand-out factor.

9. Thin Hairstyle for Round Face

10 best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

Your hair should be pulled back in a neat style and not extend past the nape of your neck. Your entire head should first be dyed with black.

This beautiful hairstyle is suitable for any event, whether it is formal or casual. Above all, the right and left sides of the head should have an equal amount of hair. You Have to Know the Best Smiling Haircuts For Chubby Face

10. Sleek left Hairstyle

The greatest prospects for this hairstyle are females with long hair. As the name suggests, you are required to provide a highlight color appearance all over your head. Put your fringe, middle, and left sideways hair together.

Once you’ve achieved the correct wave pattern, straighten your hair and smooth it toward the left side of your head. The rest of your hair should be straightened and styled to the left side of your head when viewed from the front. Also Read the Hairstyles for Black little Girls.


The range of hairstyles covered here offers ladies a lot of choices when it comes to enhancing their round features with confidence and flair. Every style recommendation, from the classic and adaptable Layered Hair to the striking Medium Bubble Hairstyle, takes into account a variety of tastes and artistic sensitivities. Whether you choose to embrace the refined appeal of medium curls or the carefree flair of a pixie cut, these hairstyles provide a variety of options for creating a unique and beautiful look. A person can embrace their own beauty and show off their personality by experimenting with colors, lengths, and textures. In the end, it all comes down to selecting a haircut that speaks to personal tastes and boosts confidence, demonstrating that there are no age or face shape restrictions on looking stylish and classic.

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