10 best hairstyles for older women with round Faces

Who is to suggest that when we get older we have to settle for having hair that is uninteresting? Especially when prominent ladies with round faces over the age of 60 like Oprah and Meryl Streep continue to flaunt exquisite hairdos as they mature like good wine, like Oprah and Meryl Streep. These hairstyles and haircuts for women over sixty with round faces will slim down fuller cheeks, while also emphasizing the beauty and youthful spirit that exists in all of us. Unlike other cuts, which only make your face appear plumper, these hairstyles and haircuts are perfect for women over sixty with round faces.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s long, medium, or short, mature women who are in their sixties can show off their hair in a variety of different ways. The majority of these cuts are appealing since they can disguise skin defects such as wrinkles, forehead lines, and other facial creases.

Over the course of his career as a stylist, Manny Domingez, who hails from Wildwood, Florida, has worked extensively with locks. This time, he offers some advice in the form of tips. I spent a lot of time finding the perfect balance while taking into account the characteristics of persons with round faces.

Older women should choose haircuts that require less maintenance and grooming, such as bobs and lobs. These incisions “have a tendency to extend the face, giving it an illusion of heightened sharpness,” claims Dominguez.

Consultation is an absolutely necessary step! Spend some time talking to your hairdresser about the possibilities of your hair, the way you live your life, and the routines you follow.

For senior citizens with multidimensional blonde hair, he recommends a shampoo with a purple-toned tone and a thorough conditioning treatment.

Look through these examples of hairstyles for ladies over the age of 60 who have round faces before scheduling your next appointment.

1. Bob with Wavy Side Bangs

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

The stylish short bob is ideal for older women with round faces because it draws attention and radiates timeless elegance. Stylish wavy side bangs are a great option because they detract from a large face while also adding a touch of refinement. This hairstyle’s adaptability makes styling it simple, and for people who have naturally curly hair, applying a curl cream will increase the texture without any work. Accept this timeless yet contemporary style that exudes charm and self-assurance while also balancing round faces. You can embrace the grace that comes with ageing while boldly showcasing your style with the stylish short bob.

2. Short Layered Waves

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

With this short, wavy hairstyle, you may embrace the beauty of layers and look great on those over 60. In order to create a youthful and attractive appearance on a round face, the layers in this style are quite important. The wavy and textured parts give the haircut some energy and improve its overall appeal. This look adds a sense of modernism and freshness while also enhancing the inherent beauty of older women. Celebrate the trendy appeal of a short, wavy cut and the versatility of layers to let your over-60 self show out with confidence and flair.

3. Low Side Braid Updo 

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

Let us honor the grace of ladies over 60 who choose to enjoy the beauty of long hair instead of giving in to the temptation of a shorter cut. A delicate and feminine hairstyle, such as a side braid and low bun, is quite attractive and appealing on round faces. This tasteful option frames the face with a few loose tendrils for a carefree yet put-together appearance, adding a hint of refinement. With a side braid, you may showcase the classic charm of a low bun and the beauty of long hair, letting the grace and experience of ladies over 60 show through in every thread.

4. Long Pixie Fade

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

Looking for a haircut for your round face that combines femininity and edginess? Think about the gorgeous long pixie cut, which is flattering and appropriate for women over 60. This look looks great on straight or slightly waved hair. It looks great in black and white. Because of the high fade built into the style, the long pixie cut not only accentuates your facial features but also requires minimal maintenance. Accept the sleek, carefree appeal of this haircut, which proves that age is no longer an obstacle to pulling off a stylish, modern look that accentuates your round face and perfectly fits your personality.

5. Short, Thick & White

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

This haircut reminds me so much of the late actress Betty White, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not just us? If you have white hair and a round face, women over 60 can easily embrace their inner golden girl by going for a short cut and blow-drying it for more thickness. Adopting this ageless and elegant strategy honors the legendary Betty White while also providing a stylish and low-maintenance option for a revitalized look. This short, voluminous hairstyle can help you capture the essence of golden splendor and highlight your natural beauty. It also shows that you can look elegant and sophisticated even at older ages, just like Betty White.

6. Shag with Curtain Bangs

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

Cute curtain bangs and jagged layers give short haircuts for women over 60 a lovely touch. The messy, layered appearance creates a lovely frame for rounder faces and exudes a cozy, laid-back vibe. Blow dry the hair and shape it with a round brush to get this chic shaggy bob. In addition to enhancing the inherent beauty of women over 60, this stylish yet low-maintenance haircut also gives off a carefree, lighthearted vibe. Accept the allure of choppy layers and adorable curtain bangs to show that age is no longer an obstacle to sporting a chic, short haircut that elegantly frames the face.

7. Large Curls on a Bob

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

You can liven up your bob by adding soft, big curls on a good hair day. Use a broad round brush or a curling iron to accomplish it. Keep in mind that the top should be high and voluminous as you carefully wrap the hair. If you have a round face, lengthy, chunky earrings will make it look longer.

8. Chin-Length Textured Bob

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

Make a side part and, if you’d like, tuck one side behind your ear to balance the proportions for a round face-flattering effect. Give your wavy hair a little natural beauty by letting the sides fall in a lovely manner. Add hats, scarves, and other accessories to this look to make it more versatile and a simple way to change up your look. You may showcase the versatility of your wavy hair and create your own style by experimenting with different adornments. Accept this elegant and useful strategy, and let accessorizing be a fun way to achieve a fashionable, well-balanced style for your round face.

9. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Shorter Bangs

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

Apply a mild hair texturizer from root to tip to get the texture you want for your hair. This method adds just the appropriate amount of texture without superfluous weight. The ideal hairstyle for older women with round faces typically mixes long hair with shorter-cut bangs. This combination frames the face in a way that highlights its characteristics, giving it a pleasing and harmonious appearance. Senior women can adopt a hairstyle that radiates modernity and elegance by strategically combining longer hair with shorter bangs for a classic and stylish appeal. You Must Know the Best Smiling Haircuts for Chubby Face.

10. Edgy Pixie Bob

10 best hairstyles for older women with round faces

The chic pixie bob for women over 60 is defined by its minimalism—it stays away from complex shapes and cutting-edge styling methods. This neat and friendly aspect is provided by this round-faced haircut, particularly when worn with spectacles. The pixie bob’s simple form guarantees a stylish yet low-maintenance appearance in addition to a dash of modernity. Accept the sophistication and ease of this haircut, which proves that simplicity can still look fashionable. This is especially true for women over 60 who want a trendy and functional hairstyle that accentuates their round faces and goes well with spectacles. Also Read the Best Hairstyles for Round Face over 50.


There is a wide variety of adaptive hairstyles available for women with round features over 60. The secret is to select a style that complements your face characteristics and appeals to your particular tastes, whether that means going for a sleek pixie bob, long hair with shorter bangs, or trying out textured waves. Every hairstyle listed has a distinct charm of its own, combining simplicity and modernism. These hairstyles demonstrate that accepting one’s inherent beauty may produce classic and refined looks, just as growing older carries with it a certain grace. Select a look that suits your personality and exudes confidence and flare to accentuate the round-cheeked attractiveness of women over 60.

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