10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Circadian Rhythm

In winters, we shift an hour back and the days are shorter and nights are longer and this makes some people tired and blue. And even after turning the clocks back an hour, this will still disturb the sleep patterns and circadian rhythm, which is a 24 hour cycle, in which our body operates. This is more like an internal biological clock that synchronizes a lot of cellular actions occurs in our body, including making you feel awake or tired throughout the day, rise and fall of blood pressure and body temperature and the release of cortisol.

All the processes in your body including cellular, molecular, and physiological are working like an orchestra and the master biological circadian operates as the electrode to make sure that the certain processes are occurring on time. And the certain processes includes hormone secretion, sleep, body temperature, metabolism, and immunity.

The circadian rhythm has been recorded and reported for hundreds and thousands of years and this is pretty much amazing. Here are the 10 more facts and tips about Circadian rhythm.

1. Yeah sometimes an hour can throw you off

If you feel like a zombie after time change then you are not alone neither you are just imagining this tiredness. An hour doesn’t look like that one’s body cannot resist the change but sometimes this could be too much and our body’s system find it hard to handle the change. According to the director of sleep disorders center in some memorial hospital that there are increased risks of traffic accidents and heart attacks after the hop of time on Mondays.

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