6 Breakfast Foods That Will Boost Your Weight Loss Plan

People who want to lose weight should consider eating healthy and clean instead of going for harmful shortcuts, because weight loss is about 70% diet and 30% exercise, so watching your diet is important. Eating healthy and clean doesn’t only help you shed pounds but it also minimizes numerous body problems and diseases like high cholesterol, digestion problems, and kidney issues.

The best and most important part of your diet is breakfast. Your breakfast should be packed with numerous nutrient, especially proteins and vitamins followed by good carbs.

Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast

Having good breakfast will boost your metabolism and gives you energy that stays with you all day. There are some foods, which if taken in breakfast can help you shed pounds and make you look and feel healthier than before. These super powerful foods are:

1. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder boosts metabolism and suppress hunger and sweet cravings and also regulates blood sugar level. You can use cinnamon powder sprinkled over eggs, Coffee, oatmeal and other desserts in place of sugar.

Cinnamon and Heart Health

2. Eggs

Eggs are fully packed with proteins, vitamins and water-logged fats, which are essential for human body. 62% of the proteins, needed by the human body are found in eggs and though egg yolks are high in cholesterol but still it doesn’t make any bad cholesterol in the body and a healthy person can eat up to 3 eggs in a day.

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

3. Fruits

Fruits are the healthy alternative to sweets that suppress sweet cravings and make you feel satisfied with your sweet tooth along with a lot of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Throw them in smoothies, oatmeal and in yogurt and have tastier breakfast.

Fresh Fruity

4. Oats

One of the best breakfast to start your day is oatmeal, either cooked or overnight, they taste equally good. Oats can keep you fuller for a longer period of time and suppress your sweet cravings if you add some fruits and nuts into the meal.

Oatmeal Heart

5. Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that boost metabolism and stamina and reduces the hormones that may bring difficulty in weight loss.

Green tea also reduces stress levels and enhances mood.

Green Tea for Heart Health

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is low in calories and high in nutrients that one should have in breakfast.

The breakfast consists of Greek yogurt with no sugar but fruits are the light and healthier breakfast.

Most Healthy Greek Yogurt

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